Store it without refrigeration, make it ready in 2 mins, enjoy your healthy meal which is


preservatives, additives, added sugar, dairy, egg


This is how you can get POLCZ meals on your plate

We will deliver your package anywhere incountry

Pick your own package from 12 types of meals (meaty or vegan versions) and we will deliver it in 2-4 business days within the entire country

Shockproof packaging, you can take it with you anywhere

Throw it in your bag, don’t worry about transportation or storage. Thanks to the heat treatment our products can be stored for months without refrigerating.

It is a convenient solution for those with food-allergies

Ready after 2 minutes of heating. Without added sugar, dairy products, eggs or additives. Be creative with our ideas which we provide with all of our meals.

Professional recognitions

In addition to all the positive feedback from customers, we are pleased that the industry also rewards the POLCZ products.

We want to take off the the burden of cooking from your shoulders

We know that there are weeks when you are extremely busy. It’s completely understandable that you don’t always have the energy to cook at the end of the day. However, you don’t want to have ready-to-eat meals full of additives or choose from a nearby bakery.

Let us help you! We will fill the drawers of your office and shelves of your pantry with additive-free ready-meals which you can keep without refrigeration. Whenever you get hungry, just heat it up for 2 minutes and enjoy.

Choose your favourites in just minutes

For safe transport you can order 4, 6, 8, 12 or 18… jars of food at a time. You are free to choose your flavors: aiming for variety each piece of your package can be different, or stick to your favourites and drop them in a box.

The story of POLCZ

POLCZ was brought to life by recognizing our very own problem. Committed to a healthy lifestyle we couldn’t find any ready-to-eat meals on the shelves of the stores that we would consume wholeheartedly on busy weekdays. There was a lack of products which could be prepared quickly, and were free of additives, milk, eggs, and weren’t full of sugar.

Finally we decided to create dishes that matches our own expectations. Then we made it available for those looking for a practical, delicious and additive-free meal like we did before.

Maybe you have already heard of us?

We have appeared on these websites with our additive-free dishes.

How come it stays fresh without cooling?

It was possible to preserve food even before the appearance of chemical preservatives or the invetion of refrigerator. All it actually needed were heat and a very tight sealing.


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